Creative Island Malta

Workshops - Puppetry workshop

This course used simple objects to explore the basic “building blocks” of puppetry. Participants explored a variety of puppetry techniques including multiple person operated Tabletop puppets, Western and Chinese style hand puppets, Rod puppets and Shadows. They also got to grips with some of the fundamental principles of object theatre, the relationship of the puppeteer to the object and the notion of animation and transfer of energy.

The tutor, Melvyn Rawlinson has been working as a puppeteer, puppet maker, director, workshop leader and mask performer since 1985. He has toured nationally and internationally with companies such as Cannon Hill and Norwich Puppet Theatre and with his own company Professor Pop-Up’s Puppet Theatre. In addition to performing, Melvyn has devised and delivered well over 6000 workshops in puppet and mask making and performance for young people and adults.


“I was doing the puppetry workshop with you and I enjoyed a lot, the teacher I really like him and his art with the puppetry. I met nice people and I particularly enjoyed doing shadow theatre and I suppose that, you will like to listen that, I am working in a project about shadow theatre.”

Supported by the Malta Arts Fund