Creative Island Malta

Mime workshop

Mime artist, Stuart Luis has appeared on the front cover of the iconic TIME magazine posing as a French Mime Artist photographic model, (referencing the sad loss of the master of mime Marcel Marceau) and has also performed on the BBC The Late Edition show as a French Weather Reporter and the Oxford University award winning series ‘The English Channel’ as Jacko the Mime. He has appeared in feature films such as Blade 2, as well as numerous TV commercials. Television appearances range from teaching mime on The Big Breakfast, a ‘come to life’ human statue in Red Dwarf to being encased in plastic robotic mannequin costumes for the Randall & Hopkirk Series 1&2.

In this energetic two day mime workshop participants studied physical and corporeal mime exercises bringing awareness and connection to their bodies, opening and expanding their physical expression. They learnt the classical mime illusion techniques, mime walks, emotions and postures, slow motion movement, balance, fixed point, improvisation, storytelling, other things….. oh and lots of fun. The workshop culminated devising and performing, where they had the opportunity for constructive feedback and sharing in a sympathetic atmosphere where they learnt from each other.
Supported by the Malta Arts Fund