Creative Island Malta

Comedy in Performance workshop

This two day course helped participants unlock their comedic and creative potential, allowing their unique awareness, talents, and personality to shine through. The course was aimed at anyone interested in developing performance and presentation skills. The work encouraged participants to engage with greater purpose, authenticity, and ease. It was playful, nonacademic, physically engaging – and fun! No matter how well qualified we are – and irrespective of our knowledge and experience – unless we are able to communicate authentically and appropriately, we are always likely to remain the greatest obstacle to our own success. This rare and empowering course helped participants to explore ways in which they could develop greater awareness, confidence, and creativity. With these skills in place inter-actions needn’t be so nerve wracking and your performance, on stage and off, may be released from tension and nervous energy.

The course presented an opportunity to work with renowned BBC Acting & Performance Consultant Jeremy Stockwell. Jeremy has worked with prominent names in the arts, media, and education. Including leading theatre and television actors presenters, dancers, recording artists, clowns, and politicians, and on such series as The Speaker, Faking It, Spitting Image, Celebrity Stage School, Britain’s Next Top Model, Jo Brand’s For Crying Out Loud, Young Charlie Chaplin, and Strictly Come Dancing.

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“The Comedy in performance workshop was fantastic… not only did it create numerous ‘eureka’ moments but it was a great laugh as well as pushing me in in ways I wanted to be pushed. it really left me feeling positive. Great job!”

Supported by the Malta Arts Fund